Fed up

Not doing well with motivation right now. Have had 6 lessons but attendance by others is poor, making me feel singled out – I panic and go blank. Not good when you are being quizzed and feel that nothing is sinking in. I’m still finding it hard to fit in revision time between lessons. Before … Parhau i ddarllen

Lesson 2

Wow. Started easy with a join the dots puzzle and then jumped right in to mutations. There is no way I’ll be able to remember the mutations using the method we are being taught. I’m just going to hope it’ll come naturally (hah!) after a while. Then some cyfarchion (which is one of the few … Parhau i ddarllen

Lesson 1

I’m surprised how much we were expected to remember this first lesson. The alphabet, numbers, days of the week, the seasons. Bit of practice, and a game of hangman.

Back to square un?

Despite my best intentions, I have already forgotten most of the Cymraeg I picked up a few months ago. Juggling too many things! Time to try again.

Stick with what you know

I set up a Tumblr blog to post about my new experiences learning Welsh. Although the posting interface is clear, I keep clicking customise when I need blog settings. That’s seriously annoying. The reason I keep clicking for blog settings though, is because for 3 days I’ve been trying to authenticate my Twitter account with … Parhau i ddarllen